EG18X, better than a military smoke grenade?

This month sees The Enola Gaye Grenade Company launch their latest smoke grenade the EG18X. The EG18 brand is nothing new, this was launched several years ago so that airsoft and paintball players could use a smoke grenade that was close to the real thing; the real thing being a military smoke grenade.

There are many reasons why real military smokes shouldn’t be used in everyday combat simulation, with cost being a factor too. Military frontline products are designed they are not held back by the constraints of commercial user safety and simple things like does it smell bad or irritate the eyes, these things don’t usually come into their design brief. However at Enola Gaye these things are on the agenda.

After the launch of the original EG18, it spawned a whole new buzz in the office about whether Enola Gaye could really bring something to the table that the military could actually use? A budget was put into place and development of a grenade that could be used as a military training device was agreed. The brief was simple; it would function the same as the real thing and produce enough smoke that was close to a frontline military smoke grenade.

EG18X Smoke Grenade

Enter the MIL-X Smoke Grenade developed by 3rd Light Ltd, owner of the Enola Gaye brand. Great! But during the development of the MIL-X the police and military buyers made it quite clear they didn’t want to see products they were training with available on every airsoft and paintball field; so one of the greatest smoke grenades ever produced by Enola Gaye was rebranded and dropped from the commercial line of products.

Cost alone would have rendered the MIL-X a slow seller in the commercial world, so restricting the sales and allowing it to stay a professional product didn’t lose the team too much sleep.

It costs upwards to $20,000 and a minimum of 12 months to get a new product into production

If it wasn’t for some social media trolling battering the company for restricting the MIL-X sales the EG18X may never have even been considered. It costs upwards to $20,000 and a minimum of 12 months to get a new product into production and many great products have been deleted from production as they were not right for the market, so the EG18X had to be right first time.

So working backwards and designing a new smoke grenade that performed like the MIL-X but would be cost effective was the new goal….

It may surprise you that the military don’t want a long burning smoke grenade, that would be a signal smoke. For cover and concealing movement they require a vast amount of dense smoke quickly. There are other factors applied to this, but for the sake of keeping this fairly brief, if wind is a factor or if the heat is on, then you need the smoke cover to be released quickly.

EG18X Smoke

The MIL-X is around 60 seconds of smoke time, the EG18X does it in 40-50 seconds. Okay so the technology and compositions have been dumbed down a bit but you will be hard pushed to see the difference. As a player, if this smoke grenade doesn’t please you, then you will never be satisfied.

The EG18X is available in the 7 colours that Enola Gaye produce with black smoke being added to the family towards the end of 2015. Ignition is the proven Enola Gaye Wire Pull, so just pull the ring to the side to get the product started.

If you are looking for the closest thing you can get to a military product then Enola Gaye have developed it here.

The point of this product is not to replace the original EG18, however if you are looking for the closest thing you can get to a military product then Enola Gaye have developed it here. It comes at an extra cost of around 25% on top of the EG18, but you are rewarded with a lot more smoke and a very different effect.

The independent reviews will soon tell the true story, so it is now over to you the players to decide.

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