Airsoft Grenades for CQB


AI500 Airsoft Flash GrenadeGrenade Kills are the common ground in Airsoft. The paintball community is starting to catch up but in airsoft if a grenade goes off within 5 meters of a player, he/she is effectively eliminated from the game.

This brings a whole new world of realsim to the game and practically speaking it makes perfect sense. If you sell grenades and have them available on your field then they should count for something right? It means that players need to be a bit more honest and more importantly the field staff need to be a bit more alert, but grenades should count for eliminations that’s a fact.

So with grenades now accounting for kills; bunkers, dug outs and well covered areas are no longer the safe house for the campers holding up the game play.

The grenade kill rule is especially important in urban enviroments where shooting around corners is not possible. You could always opt for the super brave/stupid maneuvre of charging into to a room blind, but without backup this method usually has an inevitable outcome.

Grenades really do come into their own in urban enviroments; fighting in built up areas has to be the most difficult of skirmishes hence most airsoft players will have a grenade in one of their pouches for that very moment.

Enola Gaye currently offer 3 different types of elimination grenade for airsoft; The Frag Grenade (pictured here), the MK5 Thunderflash and the new Flash Grenade.

BE AWARE! Noise levels for grenades that give off a report, increase in Db massively when used indoors or in confined spaces. Your MK5 may sound a bit poop when thrown 10 meters into dense undergrowth, but when thrown into a small room, the walls will shake.

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All Enola Gaye pyro is sound tested with given safety distances. We usually recommend that in CQB gameplay that players opt for the Flash Grenade as the report is a lower frequency without that high pitched crack that hurts the ears.

For more information and data sheets on all of our airsoft grenades go to our webpage click hereFlash Grenade Thunderflash

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