EG Social Media Disclaimer

Using pyrotechnics is not entirely without risk; EG products are clearly marked with instructions on how to use and our recommendations on safe use. All users of EG products must read and follow all instructions prior to use.

DO NOT use images found on the web and/or social media as the basis for instructions on how to use our smokes and pyrotechnic devices.

Many of these images are created by trained professionals who accept the liability for the use of EG products and use additional safety measures that may not be visible (to ensure the user and people in the vicinity are kept completely safe).

3rd Light / Enola Gaye takes no responsibility for actions or injuries incurred outside of these guidelines. EG products are designed for consumer and professional uses, and as such are often seen being used by professional users operated under controlled conditions.

Further information and a risk assessment can be found on the EG Products website, and you are always welcome to call our office for assistance and advice.

3rd Light / Enola Gaye cannot accept any liability where our products have been used in a different way to that given in the product instructions.