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We have made things better for the world of photography, okay we did not invent colored smoke but we sure as hell have been solely responsible for making it easily accessible, an ‘off the shelf product’ so to speak.

There are so many visual streams such as pop videos and fashion shoots that have adopted the beautiful effect that is coloured smoke. However before Enola Gaye, there wasn’t the availability of these cost effective and awesome visual effects, it was the reserved only for the big productions that could afford the  pyrotechnic experts with a budget to buy smoke effects from specialist pyrotechnic companies.

By that statement we are not excluding ourselves from the specialist pyrotechnic companies, however our approach to pyro is a much different one than the others. Enola Gaye pyrotechnic products are designed to be used by people who are not experts. In the new digital world of YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook to name a few, making a video or Vlog has never been so easy, so designing pyrotechnic visual effects to accompany this minimalist budget has always been our goal.

Our roots have grown from designing pyrotechnic coloured smoke and effects from the combat sports industry such as paintball and airsoft and transcended into something more. Enola Gaye is not trying to replace the job of the pyrotechnic experts that work on high budget film productions, quite the opposite. We want those experts and non-experts to know where to turn when the need is there to produce such simple effects such as smoke or flash effects.

So there it is, nice and simple, grab your Enola Gaye product, read the instructions whilst observing any safety points and start your project. Just because we have made such effects as colored smoke cost effective please don’t go thinking it is cheap. We can now boast an enormous array of TV programmes, high budget films, fashions shoots, product launches and music videos that use Enola Gaye smoke effects. Taylor Swift & Bloc Party music videos display some great examples of smoke effects put to good visual effect.

blue some effect

New Dawn Effects based in Hollywood, California have become the go to company for Enola Gaye smoke offering our complete range of colours and sizes. Enola Gaye has good distribution around most of the westernised world. Canada is covered by and Europe too many to list.

So what’s new? The range has few limitations when it comes to film production and as production teams start to demand more and more from our products, we simply develop more. In development and due for release later in 2015 is the complete smoke grenade range with electronic ignition offering more flexibility to film crews. However our most anticipated product is of course our Black Smoke a visual smoke bomb of deep greys and black swirl in a non-toxic effect.

Black smoke is the holy grail of pyrotechnic smoke effects; some will say it’s easy, but making a non-toxic product that works every time is the difficulty. We have finalised our design and production of our new black smoke will be during the fall of 2015.

If you have any questions about coloured smoke for photography or our company please do not hesitate to contact us.

orange smoke bomb

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