EG18 Smoke Grenades get Canadian approval

Big news for the paintball and airsoft players of Canada; Enola Gaye have approval for their 2nd instalment of pyro into Canada in the form of their EG18 High Output Smoke Grenade.

The EG18 High Output Smoke is fast becoming our most popular grenade used by paintball and airsoft players and so quickly after its release! The official release of the EG18 Smoke was only a few months back in the UK, followed by the USA release this October and now news that Canada will receive the grenades at the same time as America.

Enola Gaye has only just celebrated their first anniversary in Canada; we are proud to continue to introduce our line of products specifically aimed at airsoft and paintball fields. Each product has to go through rigorous Canadian approval before we can pass them through customs and onto our distributor Rocket. The approval process includes a detailed analysis of the product to ensure safety and quality assurance for Canadian users; it takes time, but it’s a cinch for our R&D Dept who specialise in opening doors across the world for this sort of specialist pyro.

So at long last our product line is starting to look a bit more healthy in the USA and Canada; The EG18 HIgh Output Smoke Grenade joins the WP Smoke Grenade Series coupled with our new range of pouches, patches and apparel that will be hitting the Canadian Airsoft and Paintball stores.

If you are confused what and EG18 Smoke Grenade does, just think, ring pull big smoke! The EG18 boasts our biggest range of smoke colors: Red, Yellow, Green, Purple, Orange, Blue, White and the newly introduced Black Smoke…..

Our Black Smoke Grenade is outstanding; it burns slightly quicker than the other colors due to the heavy dye composition, also it has a slightly warmer operation, but the black smoke effect is amazing.

EG18 White Smoke Grenades
EG18 White Smoke Grenades
EG18 Black Smoke Grenade testing
EG18 Black Smoke Grenade testing


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