Enola Gaye Smoke Grenades now available in New Zealand

From a small pyrotechnic company set up in the back room of an office in 1996 we have continued to grow and expand all over world. Last February in Washington DC we bumped into a father and son from New Zealand who ran an indoor paintball site over in NZ; from what was a casual conversation in a hotel lobby it has matured into our furthest dealership.

We are very proud to welcome Malcolm and Adam from Black Gunz Paintball to the Enola Gaye family; this bold move that has taken many months of negotiation with the New Zealand authorities has paved the way for the first line of professional smoke grenades in NZ.

We also now work with a company called Fireworks Professionals to supply our products in New Zealand.

For smoke grenade sales and enquiries over in New Zealand, contact these companies directly for more information.

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