Enola Gaye Smoke and Changes to our Environmental Policy

In the last year Enola Gaye just like many other companies have encountered a few manufacturing issues; however don’t panic, we are still manufacturing high quality smokes and other pyrotechnics. Unfortunately the problems are outside of our control and relate to the supply of the high quality dyes and chemicals that we use in our smokes. The chemicals that we use to make the coloured smoke are massively in short supply. The global industry that produces these dyes has been forced into cleaning up the way it produces them with regards to the environment and thus production is down whilst they find more environmentally friendly methods of manufacture. These problems will be solved, the solutions will be long term but ultimately, better for the environment. Unfortunately, in the short term there has been additional costs to our production of coloured smoke products. We have absorbed some of these costs but we have to pass some of them on. As a dealer and most probably as a consumer you will notice that some smoke grenades are now more expensive than others. Pink, Red, White & Black being the most expensive reflecting the supply issues.  Some colours i.e. Pink and Red smoke dye can be so rare so our supply of these colours may be intermittent. Enola Gaye smokes only use the best non-toxic dyes and chemicals from accredited and known suppliers. Yes, coloured smoke can be made from many different dyes and chemicals however not all of them are safe, and we would not go down this route. We will continue to produce the cleanest coloured smoke for film, photography and combat simulation games. While we are talking about environmental, it probably seems ironic that a smoke company should be as concerned as we are about our impact on the environment, but we are. During 2019 nearly, all of our plastics part will be manufactured from bio-plastic that breaks down naturally. We are constantly looking at ways to improve our products and packaging to ensure we are as environmentally friendly as possible.

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