New ATF Exemptions

EG smoke grenades EG25, WP40, TP40, Twin Vent 2 and EG18 have received a new ATF exemption and are legal for use in all types of combat simulation including Airsoft & Paintball.

We continue to work closely with pyrotechnic regulators worldwide. Since establishing the industry in 1996, EG has continually grappled with misconceptions and lack of clarity regarding its products and their intended uses. Our team maintains affiliations with the British Standards Institute and has played a pivotal role in shaping the regulations in Europe (CE).

This year, EG has been in discussion with the ATF to develop appropriate regulations and ensure the safe use of our products in the USA. We hold multiple US patents for product designs, which the ATF has thoroughly reviewed alongside our stringent quality control systems. Consequently, the aforementioned EG products are approved for ongoing use in this sector.

The EG67 and WPPG are not currently part of this exemption. We continue to work on additional exemptions for the rest of our product range and will make further announcements in the near future.