Smoke Effects for Film, TV & Photography

Breaking Bad Smoke Effect

Our coloured smoke is not just a product that is confined to the woodland; they are also designed to work perfectly well in the hands of professionals who are looking to add amazing coloured smoke effects to their music videos or TV programmes.

We are happy to ship direct to your studio a choice of 7 different coloured smoke effects. The products are very simple to use and can be used by anyone 18+ just read the instructions on the side and start the cameras.

Enola Gaye smoke effects are by far the number one choice for ease of use; you don’t need to set up firing mechanisms or have special training to use them, just pull the ring and the smoke effect starts (of course read the instructions first).
White Smoke Effect / generator 
Yellow Smoke Effect / generator
Blue Smoke Effect / generator
Red Smoke Effect / generator
Green Smoke Effect / generator
Orange Smoke Effect / generator
Purple Smoke Effect / generator

Our coloured smoke effects create a great smoke haze or fog effect and have been used by Top Gear, The Gadget Show & Vogue magazine to name but a few.

To speed things up, we need to get you registered before we can ship these smoke products to you, so click on this link and send us the form as most studios appear to work last minute and need the smokes tomorrow!

If you are using our smoke grenades we are always interested to see what visual media they end up on, so if you get the chance please send a link to your finished product.

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