When Can You Use Smoke Bombs?

We bring the colour to your photoshoot, we make film and TV come alive, we bring a visual effects to your festival like no other and we make it so easy you will wonder why you haven’t tried Enola Gaye products before. We don’t expect everyone to be pyrotechnic experts so we have designed our products to be super easy to use and safe to everyone in the proximity.

We understand that you have a bunch of questions and we are here to clear the air and enable you to get on with what you’re good at.

For a more detailed risk assessment check our guide to Risk Assessments for Pyrotechnic Products here.

We will start with the most common question…

Can Enola Gaye smokes be held in the hand?

Once ignited you should place the smoke on the ground away from any combustible materials.

Pulling the ring ignites the product, smoke will start to emit from the top of the product. Sparks can be emitted, also throughout the function of the product hot ash may be emitted, this is uncommon but should be accounted for.

The device does start to warm up through the function of the product. Internally you have a small amount of composition that is burning; during its function the product will become warm.

Can you breathe the smoke?

Enola Gaye smokes are designed to be used in close proximity to people but you cannot breathe the smoke and applies to all types of smoke. You can be in the smoke, but with any smoke it can cause breathing difficulties, especially if people are asthmatic.

The coloured smoke produced is not known to be toxic, so it is not poisonous and you can be in and around the smoke, but where possible avoid breathing the smoke.

Enola Gaye is the leading designer of coloured smoke for all types of industries especially within the leisure industry and film and photographic world. If you are using coloured smoke around people make sure it is our products. We design our products right down to the last air particle so you can be assured that our coloured smoke is non-toxic and non-carcinogenic; we cannot advise on other brands of smoke.

Does the smoke stain clothing?

Yes it can stain if held close to the material. We would not advise using our smoke products close enough to stain material as this would also create a fire risk. From our tests materials within 2 meters of the nozzle of the smoke may become stained from the smoke dye.

Particle Staining: If you fill the air with enough coloured smoke you will start to see a coloured dust settling in the near area to the functioned device, usually only when functioned inside or where many products have been used. This will usually not stain property, but on fine materials that are white or very light in colour (like a wedding dress), this may become visual. We do not offer any indemnity against this.

Does the smoke stain property?

After one of our smoke devices has functioned there will be a staining on the floor where the smoke has exited the tube. This staining will wash off over time, the dyes that we use in our smoke products are water based. We do not offer guarantees that surfaces will not be permanently stained, there is always a risk of staining surfaces.

Also see particle staining above.

Where can we use the smoke without getting in trouble?
Realistically if you have sought permission you can use them anywhere, our smoke products are not illegal for the general public to use. HOWEVER always respect the environment that you intent to use them. Do not use them indoors, unless it is well ventilated and EVERYONE in the building is aware that the product is going too used. It is easy to create panic and you will then be on the wrong side of the law. Use the bullet points below to assess if you can use them in your chosen location.

• Make sure it is well ventilated
• If it is in a public area, seek permission
• Never use smoke products around animals unless it is a well-managed project
• Always be aware of smoke drift; lots of smoke drifting across roads can create accidents
• Never in sports stadiums, unless approved by the venue
Should we inform the local fire service or police when using EG smoke products?
Depending on how much you are going to use, you should consider informing local authorities of your intentions. Safety data sheets are available upon request from Enola Gaye; local councils often require these for events where many products are being used, but this is usually unnecessary paperwork. If you need further info, check our full risk assessment here.

Use common sense, people panic easily and if you are using our white or black smoke it is easy to alarm people. Coloured smoke is usually just seen as coloured smoke.

Can we take pyrotechnics on planes?

NO NEVER, you will end up in a small room rather than on your desired flight. Pyrotechnics are easily picked up in x-rays scans and by sniffer dogs, do not even try to take pyrotechnic products on planes. If you have been using pyrotechnic products and are about to board a plane, we suggest you shower thoroughly and change your clothing as the smell may be picked up in security checks.
How do we transport pyrotechnics and smoke bombs?
Always transport our products in the UN marked box that they have been delivered to you in. Keep the box sealed until you need to use the products. You can read more on this and how to store the product here.

If you have purchased several products loose, keep them in a dry secure place away from sources of ignition.

We have a shoot abroad, what’s the best way to get the products there?
We have shops, dealers and distributors across Europe, Canada and the USA so you can usually have them delivered to your location. We do not suggest that you travel abroad with our pyrotechnics. Search our brand name on the internet ‘Enola Gaye’ or ‘Wire Pull Smoke’ for local dealers.

So hopefully this has answered your questions about what, when, how can we use smoke bombs?

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