Enola Gaye Launches New TP40 and Twin Vent II Smoke Grenades

Enola Gaye announces TP40 and Twin Vent 2 Smoke Grenades

We’re proud to announce the addition of two new products to our smoke grenade lineup; the TP40 Top Pull Smoke Grenade, and the Twin Vent II Wire Pull Smoke Grenade.

TP40: Top Pull Smoke Grenade

The next generation of our original WP40 Smoke has arrived. It utilizes our innovative Top Pull technology to make the grenade more user friendly while reducing the chance of misfire. Simply pull the ring upwards for a much smoother ignition.

Available in 9 different colors, the new TP40 is an evolution in smoke grenade design. It’s simple to use and puts out a large amount of smoke given the compact design of the device.

Once the ring is pulled, 60 seconds of brilliantly colored, non-toxic smoke follows. Smoke from the TP40 is delivered from a single vent at the top of the grenade.

Twin Vent II: Wire Pull Smoke Grenade

The Twin Vent II Wire Pull® Smoke Grenade is the next generation of our popular Twin Vent (Burst) Smoke Grenade. A dual vented high output device which lasts for around 20 seconds. Our Twin Vent smoke grenades create awesome effects that cannot be achieved using any other product.

Available in 9 different colors, it becomes the newest product to take the photography and combat simulation worlds by storm.

The unparalleled Twin Vent II provides a quick burst of dense, colored smoke that’s ideal for a multitude of uses. The unit is longer than the original, and is easier to use as a result.


Both products are available now from the Official Enola Gaye Store USA, and will be available in the UK Store in 2022.

The Future of Smoke Grenades

Enola Gaye continues to be the world-leader in smoke grenade research & development, design, and manufacture. We are the number one supplier of smoke grenades across the planet, and continue to invest heavily in the field.

With our sights set on the future, the new TP40 and Twin Vent II are just a taster of what’s to come. We continue to improve and advance our products to give our customers the most cutting-edge and cleanest pyrotechnics available on the market.

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