Airsoft Grenades

The first Airsoft grenades to hit the market were devised by Enola Gaye back in the nineties, and to this day the company is at the forefront of design. New products are continuously being devised and refined by the experienced EG research and development team.

The Development of Airsoft Pyro

To truly mimic a combat situation and give it that true immersive feel, every similarity needs to be covered, excluding the trauma of real combat.

Enola Gaye is often credited as a smoke bomb company, but actually began by introducing frag grenades to the Airsoft and paintball. EG first introduced frag grenades in 1996, shortly followed by smoke grenades.

The development of the frag grenade over the years has seen various sizes, styles and noise types, with each iteration bettering the last. EG grenades are designed to safely eliminate players whilst providing a realistic battlefield effect.

The current range of pyro grenades from Enola Gaye has now expanded to include various noise-based products, including the thunder flash and flash grenades.

Every grenade that EG has designed for Airsoft, or any other type of combat simulation, has been designed from a safety point upwards. Millions of Enola Gaye fragmentation grenades have been used in Airsoft since the concept was introduced without injury, and the game has changed for the better as a result.

"There are many companies that manufacture airsoft equipment but few that have changed the way the game is played"
Jet Desert Fox

The Future of Enola Gaye Airsoft Grenades

Enola Gaye works closely with authorities and governments to educate them and enable Airsoft grenades to be used in their respective countries. The company continues to work with all European states, and with the USA and Canada to ensure new products entering the market have the correct certifications for use.

Airsoft’s goal of recreating realistic combat scenarios has led to many police forces and militaries adopting it as a means to train personnel in combat situations. In acknowledgment of this, EG has developed a professional line of products that cross over from Airsoft into police and military training.

The Mil-X series of grenades uses a fly off lever ignition (spoon) that is identical to that of a real grenade. The process to fire the grenade is different and is not regulated the same as percussion ignitions. EG has refined how it functions and the patented design operates more quietly and efficiently than that of a current frontline grenade. This technology will trickle down into our Airsoft products giving the game ever more detail.

EG is not only a manufacturer of high-quality grenades for simulated combat, but also a designer of carry systems and casual clothing for Airsoft players. You can spot an Airsoft player in plain sight if they are wearing EG.