Flash Grenade 3

The Flash Grenade 3.0 is a ramped up version of the original Flash Grenade 1.0 with the added Wire Pull Igniter. Easy to use and deploy, the FG3 is a masterpiece of pyro. Designed especially for Airsoft and Mil-Sim training.
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Certified for Use

The Flash 3 has passed strict government tests and is CE approved in Europe.

Wire Pull Ignition

Once the wire is pulled, the FG3 delivers a bang and a large white flash. It’s low in pitch and designed to deliver the brightest flash possible.

Designed in the UK

EG started the smoke effect industry back in mid-90s, and our UK-based pyrotechnic development has remained unrivalled ever since.

How to Order

Thank you for your interest in our Flash 3.0. This unit is part of our Professional series. Due to the nature of the product, and the restrictions placed by the ATF, it cannot be sold to the general consumer. Our Flash 3.0 is classified as an Articles, Pyrotechnic and as such, all laws surrounding the purchase and/or use of pyrotechnics apply.

You may have seen and/or used Flash 3.0 at national airsoft events, however, those facilities and personnel were authorized and licensed for the use of pyrotechnics.

Should you be military, law enforcement, government agency affiliated personnel, and/or someone who holds license(s) for pyrotechnics, you may be eligible to establish an account directly with us to purchase these units (and other units we manufacture). Please call 775-513-6600 x1 to inquire more.