Wire Pull® Paint Grenade

A pineapple style grenade casing, cast from pulp paper for maximum biodegradability packed with 100ml of liquid paint that is dispersed up to 5 meters upon detonation. An awesome addition to the paintball game arena, adding a harmless but effective bunker clearing dimension that all players seek. Fitted with EG’s ultra-reliable Wire Pull® igniter.
Common Uses: Field Use, Combat Simulation
Wire Pull Paint Grenade

How to Purchase WPPG

The WPPG is a Combat Field and Training product. It is not available for general use or general consumers. Wholesale and field enquiries welcome. Worldwide shipping available for bulk orders.

Distributed From: USA, Canada, UK, Europe


Fuse Delay (± 1s)


Product Diameter


Product Length


Noise Level (at 10m)


Total Weight (± 30g)


Net Explosive Content


Safety Distance




Minimum Purchase Age

Safety Information

When ignited, the WPPG will produce a bang and paint scatter effect.
  • Safety distance = 10m
  • For outdoor use only
  • Use gloves and eye protection

Environmental Impact

Designed with biodegradable materials, minimizing its impact on the environment.
  • Made from paper pulp
  • 99.5% biodegradable
  • Low CO2 output


Frequently asked questions about the WPPG.
The product must be held to ignite, but then thrown. Never put any part of your body near the ignition point.
No, the WPPG should only be used outdoors with the land owner’s permission.
The paint can be spread up to five meters.
Pull the ring firmly upwards.
The WPPG is 99.5% biodegradable.