Flash Grenade 1

The latest version of the Flash Grenade 1.0 features a wire pull igniter.

A huge hit in the Airsoft world, it produces a much lower frequency boom than similar products in the lineup, with the signature white flash that is so eminent in low light conditions. Used in CQB environments, the Flash Grenade 1.0 allows a low risk noise report effect.

This product is not available outside Europe and the United Kingdom

Certified for Use

The Flash 1 has passed strict government tests and is CE approved in Europe.


Once the wire is pulled, the FG1 delivers a bang and a large white flash. It’s low in pitch and designed to deliver the brightest flash possible.

Designed in the UK

EG started the smoke effect industry back in mid-90s, and our UK-based pyrotechnic development has remained unrivalled ever since.