EG18 High Output Smoke

Designed to blur the lines between products for recreational sports such as Airsoft and Paintball, and products used by our Military and Law Enforcement personnel, the EG18 High Output Smoke Grenade produces massive amounts of smoke for a duration of around 90 seconds.  Fitted with our Wire Pull® ignition system, these smoke grenades are easy to operate without the need for training.  You will find the EG18 smoke grenade measurements equivalent to that of a military M18, but without the price or heat output.

Effective as a ground-to-ground or ground-to-air signaling device, EG18 smoke units are used by military and security forces alike for target or landing zone markers and/or screening unit movements through clouds of dense smoke.  Producing much more smoke than the average smoke bomb, the EG18 High Output Smoke Grenade gives you immediate cover and the upper hand when in the field.

If photography is your thing, the smoke effects produced by the EG18 smoke bomb will ‘wow’ your clients.  Smoke grenades are a great way to add a blast of color to your next photoshoot.  The colorful smoke flares can be used to create an interesting background, add atmosphere, or achieve captivating effects.  Whether for a wedding, gender reveal, family portraits, or just an artistic shoot, smoke photography is the new upcoming trend and our colorful smoke effects are just what you need.

Film producers, special effects companies, and TV & Advertising have also caught on to the increasing trend of using colorful smoke.  Have you seen Lincoln’s commercial for their Aviator?  Or how about the movie Kong: Skull Island?  Multiple EG18 High Output Smoke Grenades were used, in various colors, producing brilliant film visuals that left lasting impressions for viewers.

No longer limited to the Milsim Paintball and Airsoft world, the EG18 smoke bomb has branched out into more industries than ever imagined.  The intense color you get from an EG smoke effect far exceeds that of any other on the market. 9 different smoke colors to choose from.

The EG18 was originally designed to emulate the M18 military smoke grenade but without restrictive ignition or metal casing and red-hot function. EG’s version soon became the go-to alternative offering better functionality, cooler composition temperatures and easier ignition.

It should have been named the EG55 as rest of our product range is based off the diameter of the product, for example EG25 = 25mm diameter, WP40 = 40mm diameter etc. It was however an early product that was named so that it was deemed similar to the military M18, prior to EG standardising the product range with diameter numbers for the product name.

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  • EG18 Orange Smoke Grenade

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  • EG18 White Smoke Grenade

  • EG18 Yellow Smoke Grenade


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