EG18X Cover Smoke

By far the most potent smoke grenade EG manufacturers if you compare size of the device to the cloud produced. We make bigger units that produce bigger smoke clouds, but for a smoke bomb that fits in your hand, this is the most effective if you need a wall of smoke cover very quickly.

Identical in size to our EG18 smoke grenade, the EG18X ups the performance somewhat. We have packed 50% more smoke composition into the product and sped up the output speed of the smoke, allowing you to fog out large areas of space very quickly.

It can be used commercially for any media production and is popular in Airsoft and combat simulation worldwide, but this smoke grenade was ultimately designed for police, military and security force training. The EG18X outperforms most frontline smoke grenades but with better usability, safer function and designed with a cleaner smoke composition.

The EG18X generates enough smoke output for fire fighters to use in training drills. This high-volume smoke screen produces a density that can emulate real life scenarios. This sort of training product is designed specifically for high stress scenarios which can minimise panic and give valuable experience for first responders.

The effectiveness of single use smoke product is they can be deployed much more randomly in training areas and colour variation indicating different hazard types that may exist in real live fire situations.

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