Wire Pull® Smoke Grenades

The world’s most popular smoke effect from EG. The Wire Pull Smoke is the most advanced and cleanest pyrotechnic coloured smoke bomb available on the market. Developed and improved over 20 years, EG (formally Enola Gaye) offers a product that produces an incredible smoke plume for a duration of around 90 seconds.

We have designed this product so that it can be used by anyone (18+) without the need for training. Everything you need to know to use the smoke bomb is printed in the instructions on the side of the device. It’s super easy to operate using our Wire Pull® igniter, you simply pull the ring out of the side of the product, the smoke will instantly start to flow.

Everyone has a different name for our smoke products, smoke bomb, smoke grenade, coloured smoke flares, but we tend to just refer to it as smoke effect. However, smoke bomb is probably the most popular.

What do you use EG Wire Pull smoke for? We would love to hear from you. The use of our products is far and wide. From our humble beginnings making smoke bombs for airsoft & paintball games, you can now find EG smoke effects with a firm foothold in most Hollywood film productions.

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  • Black Wire Pull® Smoke Grenade WP40

  • Blue Wire Pull® Smoke Grenade WP40

  • Green Wire Pull® Smoke Grenade WP40

  • Orange Wire Pull® Smoke Grenade WP40

  • Purple Wire Pull® Smoke Grenade WP40

  • Red Wire Pull® Smoke Grenade WP40

  • White Wire Pull® Smoke Grenade WP40

  • Yellow Wire Pull® Smoke Grenade WP40


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